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Dave Attell Fans

Midget Lovers and One-Legged Men

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This is a community for fans of America's favorite bald-headed, midget lover, Dave Attell.

Here, it's all about Dave. Topics cover everything from his stand-up, his Comedy Central show "Insomniac", tv guest spots & live tour dates, fan encounters...you name it!

Just some ground rules:
1) Introduce yourself. (We're not going to force you but we'd appreciate it)
2) For long entries, please LJ Cut.
3) No flaming. Be nice.
4) Entries way off topic will be removed.
5) We're not an advertising community. Communites can be advertised at community_promo. And no begging for codes.
6) Have fun!

"I'm sensitive, I like to cuddle. But there's a fine line between cuddling and holding somebody down so they can't get away." Dave Attell

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established 7/10/2003