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thinking about being you for halloween!

it was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

oh who the hell am i kidding?

i got to portland and found a killer parking spot... right across from the tour bus. i arrived at the theater about an hour and a half before showtime and there's already a line so i stay there. i was going to get dinner but i didn't, i wanted a good seat. anywhoo, from where i was standing, i could hear the sound check going... yeah, his voice can be heard. so i'm getting excited and bored waiting. while we're waiting, one of the security staff come out and kind of go over some rules like no smoking, take out your mace/pocket knives, still pictures are okay but not audio/video recording... at this point i shut him out 'cuz i'm excited we do actually get to take pics!

the doors finally open and we go in and find seats... i found 3 in the front row and they weren't taken so i take the middle one. i would have moved to the right if someone needed 2 seats together, but they didn't. actually i had nobody next to me on either side.

so the show... great show! sean rouse cracked us up! "you know you're a redneck when... you recite bible quotes at a klan meeting" omg that was funny! up next, we all thought, of course, that it would be dave by the way sean was talking. but no. it was DOUG STANHOPE! Oh My God! i love doug ~ or doogie as sean put it a few times. so doug gets up and he's just killing the crowd, the guy next to me just doubled over so many times. well, doug gets these two shots up on stage of what looks like jager and asks the audience "who wants to do a shot with me? okay so they're not really shots, they're run overs from what dave can't finish" anyway, the guy behind me got it but doug asked me to hand it to him. wow! after doug we had a short intermission.

intermission over! bring on dave!! he came out with his hat on but that came off quickly. anyone notice the little dimple he has on the left side of his mouth? anyway, i got a few pics since he was standing right in front of me. now last week here in oregon, we had a tsunami warning. "we almost had a tsunami. almost! did you almost panic like i almost did?" lol he did all new material. i don't think i ever stopped laughing. poor guy though, i think he's getting a cold or something. he kept coughing and mentioning a wheezing and had to sit for a bit through the show. not that i minded the sitting, he was sitting right in front of me *wink wink* moving on... so the show goes on, dave is on for a little over an hour, again i don't mind! at the end of the show, dave mentions the war and this vet ~ young guy around my age and i'm 28 ~ yells out and dave offers to give him a shot on stage. the guy takes a while as does the alcohol getting to the stage. finally the guy gets there and takes a pic with dave. at this point, doug and sean are out too.

so the show ends after the guys take a shot *see pic that follows* and dave announces that they'll be outside signing autographs. right on! i run to the merch booth and i grab a shirt, photo for him to sign, and a dvd... yes a dvd! it's called "hey, your mouth's not pregnant" *haven't watched it yet but i will before i go to bed tonight* so i get outside and wait out back by the bus. about 10 minutes go by and they come out. YAY!! so i get in line only to be voluntarily pulled out to give a pen to doug to sign some autographs with. i get the pen back and i land at the end of the line for dave. aww darn ;) so i finally get up to see him and all i can say is wow! the guy is so cuddly and friendly and wow. i got the guy in front of me to take our picture. i can't wait to see that one. after dave signed my pic and took a pic with me, he went back in. doug hung around a bit and i got a pic with him. he smooshed my face ~ lol. i can't wait to see that one too! someone asked about renee and he said she was fine. also mentioned they were moving to arizona. wha? oh well, he had to leave by then too.

so what can i say, i finally met dave and doug. didn't get to smell him though ;)

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